I always receive mental momentum after my run that continues for the rest of the day. The muscles come alive, injecting physical energy into my movements. Mental energy increases as the executive brain gets organized and adjusted to a higher level of activity. Because running stimulates positive attitude hormones, the subconscious reflex brain senses that things are as they should be and sends good attitude hormones throughout the system delivering a glow of good feelings and confidence.

When we run gently, with appropriate walk breaks, we are using the muscles the way they were designed to be used. We’re in harmony with the natural function of the body and things are in balance. A state of harmony stimulates the reflex brain to continue to boost mental attitude.

Confession: At the start of a run, I often don’t feel “on track” for the day. I often sense that several key activities for the day are “tasks.” After a few minutes, I find myself stimulated by the trees, the trail, the wind. The stress of everyday life goes away as I appreciate the sensation of moving forward, touching the ground, feeling the gentle beat of the life sustaining heart, and enjoying the air coming and going from mouth to lungs.

Then the endorphins kick in. These positive attitude hormones are among the most powerful and can have a “hangover effect” in a good way.

Even a short run produces an empowerment that keeps pinging me all day long. I’m ready for my day. Gone is the term “task.” Each project is an opportunity.


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