Answer: “The Wall” is the point where the leg muscles acquire such a level of fatigue that they don’t work very well. Runners often reach the state very suddenly. One can expect this to occur within a mile or so of the longest distance run in the past 4 weeks. For example, if you have run 20 miles as your longest run, you can expect to get very tired and slow down after you pass this mileage point in the marathon itself. The wall can be avoided by 1) increasing the length of the long run to at least 26 miles, 3-4 weeks before race day, 2) slowing your pace during the first part of the race, and 3) inserting walk breaks more frequently from mile 1 until mile 20 or so during the marathon. Note: Time goal runners will find successful pacing and training schedules to their goals in my book: “Running – A Year Round Plan”.

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