Journal keepers are more likely to be lifelong runners. Many beginning runners tell me that the writing of each day’s mileage in the journal was their greatest motivation – simple but satisfying. After a few weeks, many runners learn the empowerment of organizing runs in the journal. By the time 6 months have passed, you’ll discover the satisfaction of looking ahead several months to schedule races, the training needed for them, while ensuring that there are fun events along the way.I hear from several runners every month who use their journal as a diary, noting the other significant activities, the kid’s soccer scores, and PTA notes.

Whatever format you choose, you’ll find that by scheduling that very important time for yourself (the run time) in the journal that you actually run more times per week. The journal becomes the steering wheel that keeps you on the road of positive progress. As you hold tight and use the wheel, you feel an empowering sense of making progress.

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