This week we explore strength mantras.

Next week: Distraction Mantras and Vision Mantras – stay tuned

Strength mantras will connect into your hidden resources that keep you going when tired. The specific words you choose will help to make subconscious and intuitive connections with muscles and your inner resolve. As you learn to tap into the right brain, you’ll coin phrases that continue drawing on mental or spiritual resources. The following have been used when under physical and mental stress but use these only as a primer. The best ones will be your own mantras that relate to your experiences with words that work. Action phrases not only keep you going but also help you perform as you find ways to dig deeper into your resources.

  • Feet-stay light and quick, keep moving
  • My legs are strong
  • My heart is pumping better
  • More blood in the muscles
  • Lactic acid, go away
  • More oxygen, lungs
  • The strength is in there, I’m feeling it
  • Talk crazy to me, right brain
  • I’m feeling creative-I’m making adjustments
  • I feel comfortable-I’m in control
  • I feel good-I feel strong
  • I’m floating
  • Come to me-endorphins
  • I’m having fun
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