Fellow Exercisers,

In the late ’70’s I was asked by a growing number of people to write a book about running.  But, I was busy with my clinics, retreats and training programs, and on the road 50% of the time.  Besides, there were many books on running and the only one that was selling well was Jim Fixx’s THE COMPLETE BOOK OF RUNNING.   

Over the next 4 years, my training programs expanded across the US and I developed a unique series of coaching elements that helped people avoid injury.  So in 1983 I took on the mission of putting the Galloway principles onto the pages of GALLOWAY’S BOOK ON RUNNING.  Ironically, it appeared on the bookshelves the same month that my friend Jim Fixx died, and became the current best-seller in the running category over the next year. 

I’ve been asked to write a blog for several years, but I’m traveling 70% of the time to clinics, training programs, retreats and running schools.  I will only start a writing project, these days, if it enhances my life’s work: to help people improve the quality of their lives though fitness.

Interestingly, my travels connect me with unpublished stories of inspiring runners and walkers who’ve turned their lives around and /or are helping others do the same.   Each day I average over 100 email questions, and training reports which help me fine-tune my advice, reduce the chance of injury, and inject more fun into the training. 

Energizing contact with runners and walkers connects me to the laughter, the stories, the group bonding that I felt as a fat 13-year-old taking my first running steps with the cross country team at Westminster High, enjoyed during college with my Wesleyan teammates Amby Burfoot and Bill Rodgers and treasured during the tough training for the ’72 Olympics with teammates Steve Prefontaine and Frank Shorter.       

This blog will relay the stories, introduce you to interesting people, explain how to combine proven training tips and methods to eliminate aches and pains, while injecting some humor and inspiration.  I will try to keep you ahead of the trends in nutrition, training, shoes, motivation, etc. with direct advice.  There will be links to resources which I’ve found to be helpful in the following areas: Getting Started, Women’s Issues, Walking, Marathon Training, Half Marathon training, Fit Kids, Getting faster, Injury Prevention, Motivation, and my favorite: Running Until You’re 100.

Next year I’ll celebrate my 50th year of running.  Over this period I’ve found that almost each run bestows an attitude enhancement and vitality boost that is not produced by any other activity in life.  Dozens of people every week tell me that their running journey has empowered them to change their lives in many positive ways.  Walkers tell me similar stories.

I want to help you keep moving until you’re 100–no guarantees after that!

Jeff Galloway
US Olympian
Coach to over 200,000

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