This week I’ll be talking about aging gracefully through running, running through cancer, Big Sur CA, a marathon movie, running away from drug addiction, how to set your long run pace, and the popularity of half marathons.

"Older runners reported pain and disability 25% as often as those who didn’t run"  From a study noted in RUNNING UNTIL 100 page 27.

"If I had to choose between my old pre-cancer life as a somewhat depressed, overweight, unmotivated and unfilled couch potato and my current life with cancer, it’s easy.  I’m energetic, happy, motivated and love life each day."  Lee Kilpack started running after diagnosis, and is feeling more vibrant than ever.  WOMAN’S GUIDE TO RUNNING p. 44.

How to tell what your long run pace should be.  Running too fast on long runs is the most common reason I’ve found for injury during a marathon training program.  Here’s a simple test to tell how fast this should be: the magic mile (MM).  Starting from the beginning, schedule a series of one mile time trials throughout the training.  The first one should be run only slightly faster than current easy running pace.  On each successive one, your mission is to beat that time.  Long run pace can be computed by using the Performance Predictor function on (www.JeffGalloway.com).  Adjust for heat by running 30 seconds a mile slower for every 5 degree increase in temperature.  To predict times in other events and to learn more about the MM, go to pp 24-28 YEAR ROUND PLAN.

Half marathons are more popular than full marathons.  Marathon participation continues to rise each year, but Half Marathon participation is increasing more rapidly.  In the past 18 months, half enrollment has surpassed that of the classic event.  "The half marathon delivers almost all of the satisfaction and achievement of the marathon with far less than half of the aches, pains and injuries".  Now there’s a book devoted to training for this event: HALF MARATHON.

Running away from drug addiction. Nick Sterner turned his life around through running and is now helping his son and others by leading a landmark running program at the Denver Rescue Mission.  People who didn’t have much hope now have a goal, along with a team and a series of positive experiences that connect them with the inner strength they didn’t know was there.  Our Galloway Training group in Denver is proud to provide support.  Congratulations to Nick and his team they get ready for the Colfax Marathon this week.  Nick is looking to expand to other cities.

My favorite Marathon?  Marathons are not created equal, but I still love many of them in different ways…like children.  In the "beautiful scenery" and "almost flawless" category, it doesn’t get any better than the Big Sur International Marathon.  This point-to-point course, along US 1 (Pacific coast),  offers some of the most dramatic vistas available, and is the only time each year that this route is cleared for pedestrians.  The experienced production team, led by my friends Hugo and Wally,  make the experience very special.  This should be on everyone’s "marathon to do list".

Marathon Movie.  Jon Denham is putting together a documentary on the history of the marathon which promises to be a hit.  I’m impressed with his work and am looking forward to the completion of the project this fall.  The power of the story starts with the ancient messenger Phidippides in 490 BC, and Jon documents the way it changes people’s lives.  For those who are interested in such projects, visit www.marathonmovie.com.  It’s still possible to invest in this project.

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GET MOTIVATED by participating in the origins of our sport (and western democracy)! Join the team at Phidippides Running and Greek-American Dean Karnazes and connect to the rich history of distance running with scenic views, landmarks, and a fun podcast.