Over the past 2 months, I’ve heard from hundreds of runners who are in the final stages of a significant goal—usually a half or a full marathon.  One of the greatest concerns expressed is that of continuing afterward.  After spending months building a great level of fitness, you don’t have to stop now.  Before raceday, write some new goals on your calendar.   These don’t have to be races.  By scheduling some fun “appointments” you can stay motivated and maintain most of the conditioning.  Here are some activities that have kept my Ecoach and Galloway Training Program participants running along, after the big day.

Social runs
Set up a running appointment with friends you’d really like to catch up with, as you enjoy the glow of endorphins.  Add a new friend or two every week, and make it your weekly “social”.

Scenic runs
List several visually interesting areas within a short drive of your home.  Pick one every 7-10 days.  Trails, parks, coastal areas, mountains—different ones each week for variety. 

Festival Events
Instead of a time goal, pick a slow time for you and see how close you can come without checking your pace along the way.  Many races today are supported by the community and offer kids activities, clinics for improvement, lots of food and beverages, and interesting communities for shopping, touring, etc.

Write down at least one of the above, on at least one day each week after your goal race.  You’ll stay in shape as you inject energy into your running!

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Q & A—Marathon training for those with a “fatigue challenging lifestyle”
Q: I am working 3rd shift, and training for a marathon. This is not my first marathon, but my first working these hours. Right now, I come home from work, and sleep. Then I get up and run. I feel good, but my body feels like it is in slow motion.

I train Monday-Thursdays, leaving Friday to rest and do my long run on Saturday. I feel fine for that. How do you think I should train? I ride my bike on the low mileage days, I feel like I can’t run any farther. I do take walking breaks. I am 52 years old, not thinking that age should have a factor.
Let me know what to do,

Jeff’s Answer:
In general, I’ve found that those who have a “fatigue challenging lifestyle” can benefit from fewer days of running per week.  I recommend running Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  One of the challenges of late night work is the warmup period.  Just as you start to shake off the late night work fatigue, it’s time to quit.  If you run every other day, you’ll allow significant time for the muscles to recover.  This should also allow you to run more on your running days.  After you shake off the warmup period, by going slower and walking more often, you should find it enjoyable and easier to go farther.  Many find that a strong cup of coffee (if you have no caffeine problems) helps get the systems ready for exercise.

You are probably not walking enough at the beginning of your runs.  My new book GALLOWAY TRAINING PROGRAMS has the latest info on walk breaks and many other issues. It’s available from the link below, autographed, and you can email questions as you read.

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