Most of the folks that I work with to train for marathons, make their choice in April. Why so early? The major marathons are so popular that they fill up quickly if you don’t sign up as soon as you can. It is also true that most of those who enter Marathons in the Fall are currently doing very little running and know that they need to rev it up. Each day this month, on the average, I am in front of an audience of runners who fire constant questions about how to avoid “the wall”, staying injury free, estimating potential improvement, and running faster this year. I always recommend that the first goal be to finish in the upright position. 

My greatest satisfaction is the evolution of a series of simple training components that give the individual almost complete control over how he or she will feel at the end of long runs and on the big day. You don’t have to puke or hit the couch or bed after long runs if you follow a few easy steps. Last year I put out a revised version of the training manual for my groups to reflect the updated information: GALLOWAY TRAINING PROGRAMS.

The popular marathons for the fall and winter are Portland OR, Marine Corps Marathon (online registration opens April 30), Chicago (almost full), NYC (lottery now open), Breast Cancer Marathon but there are many, many more to chose from!  A great resource for choice is Be sure to read the reviews.

This past week I had a delightful spring fun run out of my Phidippides Store in Sandy Springs GA, and then headed for Florida:

* Sarasota: A new Fleet Feet store in this city will host our Galloway Training Program. We had a great turnout for the first kickoff. Pat Jones is the director.

* Daytona: We had an overwhelming turnout for the kickoff on Saturday. The members and the group leaders seem to always have a good time together.

* Lakeland: The fun run around Lake Hollingsworth was a real treat. What a beautiful and clean city. Our running store partner, Fit Niche, does a great job in fitting and advising runners – in a beautiful new location. This group is growing significantly, due to the friendly leadership of our director Brendan.

* Tampa: We continue to have great leadership with co-directors Linda and Iris. Our running store partner, The Running Center has been a good resource. It was great to see so many members that have been with us for years, welcoming the new members. 

For more info on these and other Galloway Training Programs, go here.

Mizuno has been a great resource. Their representatives provide knowledgeable information and some special discounts for our members.

Sidelights: Between clinics on Friday I went for a run and interrupted the mating of two black snakes. One was crossing the road toward the mate when I approached, and it retreated. I don’t believe, however, that this was a serious interruption in the expansion of the snake population.

In Lakeland, Florida, cars stop for swans crossing the road. I witnessed one such crossing that took a very long time.

The rest of April:
* Charlotte NC – On April 23rd, an evening “meet and greet” at the Dowd YMCA on Wednesday, 7:30pm.
* San Jose CA – On April 24th, a running school from 12:30-5:30 pm, then a meet and greet (email for more info)
* Carmel CA – On April 25th, a Friday morning session of gentle running, eating, italian recipes, with myself and Pepe
* Monterey CA – Saturday, April 26th clinics at the Big Sur Marathon expo with book signing
* Big Sur Marathon—Sunday morning along the coast. I’ve not found a more beautiful marathon course!
* Cincinnati:  On April 30th I’ll be giving out last minute instructions for The Flying Pig Marathon.

Enjoy your runs—Jeff

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