People frequently ask me about fatburning.  So frequently, in fact, that I decided to devote a whole book to ideas and suggestions on nutrition and exercise (intake and burn-off), stories on women who have had weight issues and tips on motivation.

One of the fundamentals of burning more fat is engaging in more exercise each week.  For instance, several short exercise sessions each week helps burn fat every day.  The secret is to have a series of gentle exercises which you can do throughout the day.  These need to be enjoyable as well as easily inserted into your regular lifestyle.  Walking is a good example.  I call walking a “stealth fat-burner” exercise because it is so easy to add hundreds of extra steps a day, especially in small doses.  There are a lot of times when you can walk during the day instead of sitting or just standing.  Think about talking on the phone or watching television.  Why not use that time to walk around instead of sitting down?  Those extra steps add up.
– From "Running and Fat Burning For Women"  & “Running Until You’re 100

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