In a few seconds of writing in your journal, you control the process of running improvement.

A journal allows us to plan the future, track our behaviors, learn from our mistakes and chart our progress in a consistent direction. With a simple logbook format that each of us chooses, we can see what to do, usually within a few minutes, and make the adjustments necessary. Journals give us control over our future while they allow us to learn from our past.

Of all the activities that surround running, it is the writing and review of your journal that gives the greatest control over the direction of your running so that you can make adjustments. It only takes a few minutes every other day to record the key information. Looking back through your entries will provide laughs and enjoyment.

The various types of journals include a wall calendar, an organized running journal, a notebook or a computer log. The best journals are those that make it easier for you to collect the data you find interesting, while allowing for creativity.

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