By Guest Blogger Cathy Troisi

Jeff's Lake Tahoe Running Retreat is the best way to spend a week's summer (running) vacation: five star accommodations, a variety of leisure activity options, plentiful restaurants and shopping and more than majestic scenery plus a running camp with 40 campers from nine states, like-minded in their interest in running. 


Eight of my fourteen trips to Tahoe in the previous fifteen years were for the purpose of attending Jeff Galloway's Lake Tahoe Running Retreat at Squaw Valley Lodge.  I’d previously attended Jeff's camp in Boston but I was a 'newbie' at Tahoe when I attended in August, 1996.  It was readily apparent those who had previously attended this Tahoe camp.  Their social exchange indicated that this gathering was a family reunion of sorts for camp alumni.  Their easy interpersonal banter was contagious as they readily embraced newcomers into the group. 


By the end of the next six days, I was adopted into this Galloway family and departed the week- long activities already anticipating the next year's reunion.


Fun Lake Tahoe Statistics:
*third deepest lake in North America
*Lake Tahoe sprawls California and Nevada, elevation 6,228 feet above sea level
*21.6 miles long and 12.2 miles wide
*deepest point is 1,645 feet; average depth is 989 feet
*1,400,000 tons of water evaporate every 24 hours (dropping the lake level by only one tenth of an inch)
*lake clarity allows objects at a depth of 100 feet to be seen from the surface
*holds an estimated 39.75 trillion gallons of water
*the lake has enough water to cover the state of California to a depth of 14.5 inches


Cathy Troisi has completed 269 marathons/ultras, including a Boston qualifier (on the Boston course) at the age of 52.


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