It's not common to find a product that helps you and helps the environment at the same time.  I must tell you why I'm so impressed with HydraPouch.
Distance runners know that they must stay hydrated.  Consuming small amounts of fluid, regularly, can speed recovery, reduce health risks due to dehydration and improve performance in long events.  HydraPouch allows each runner to manage fluid intake without carrying an burdensome backpack or "ammo belt" of water bottles.
All of us know that we should do something to cut down on the solid waste that piles up in our landfills.  Large running events send truckloads of used water station cups to landfills and disposal sites.  The innovative HydraPour delivery system refills a pouch in just over a second.  It is now possible to have "cup free racing."  
I don't endorse many products but I put my total support behind HydraPouch.  I believe that this is the most innovative idea to hit running events in decades.
HydraPouch is the only company I know that is serious about reducing waste and is working with a growing number of race teams to do this. 
It's the right thing to do.

NOTE: if you are interested, you can purchase from the HydraPouch site or my site.