I just returned from an amazing series of running clinics in Manila and Cebu, Philippines.  Within the past few years, tens of thousands of new runners have been swept into the enjoyment of running through races, running clubs and fitness programs in companies.  There are several races that enroll over 10,000 runners. 
A high percentage of the runners I met were introduced to running through my run-walk-run method.  As I explained how my "magic mile" can predict current performance level, how to adjust for temperature, and how the right run-walk-run ratio can virtually eliminate injury and excess fatigue, the lightbulbs went on.  These were exciting clinics with a continuing stream of questions.
Most rewarding is the common boost of personal empowerment that runners feel across the globe.  I've given clinics in Japan, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines and other areas but the shared positive boosts from a run are a powerful common bond.