I'm pleased to announce an exciting advancement in running apps: Jeff Galloway's Ultimate 5K App! 
This app has music interwoven into my coaching.  I recorded the messages to lead you through the program, with tips along the way.  The lolofit folks have a number of unique elements including matching the beat of the music with the pace of each element in the workout.  Lolo has advanced technology and I know this will make training more interesting.


Check it out, and enjoy every mile!  -Jeff

• The only app using my unique Run-Walk-Run® training method
• Uses lolo's beat-sync technology to perfectly match the tempo of your music to your pace.
• Perfect for couch potatoes or avid runners.
• Includes a 7 week program to help you complete your first 5K race without injury or pain.
• Includes an additional 7 week program to help you improve your 5K time.
• Your only need to run 3 days per week.
• Works outside or on a treadmill.
• Completely interactive. Change your workout at anytime and your coach Jeff Galloway – and your music – will respond!
• Comes with an optional 9MB of coaching from me.
• Comes with an optional 15 tracks of high energy fitness music for FREE.
• Includes GPS tracking on supported devices for FREE.