Countless times I have seemingly hit a dead end during school, family issues, business problems, not enough time, etc. In cases of ultimate frustration I almost always put on the running duds and put one foot in front of the other.

Within 10 minutes I feel better. The rhythm of the feet bestows a sense of stability. The forward motion communicates a sense of positive action.

Endorphins, the positive attitude hormones, send messages that things are OK and getting better. Blood flow increases, and the mind-body network works together and revs up.

I'm running comfortably, with no significant huffing and puffing. I usually think about the problems, just staying in the moment. This is my world. This is the sacred place that I go to find my strengths.

The frontal lobe action starts gently, sorting things out. The logical left brain focuses on one issue at a time. No solutions…just the feeling that things will work out.

Very seldom is the issue resolved during one run. After the endorphins start hitting the receptor sites all over the body, problems drift into the background. They're just not that important with all of the positive things going on. Attitude improves, vitality surges. There are possibilities!

The stress of failure melts away. The left brain has sorted the problem into a series of issues that can be confronted. Things are going to work out.

Hope emerges. The right brain generates some creative possibilities. A few minutes later this intuitive component usually sends subtle feelings of strength. It's doing the incredible job of connecting us with internal resources.

With hope, we feel secure and positive. Things will move forward again. After the run, there are many possibilities. I'm looking forward to my next run.

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