Create a mental image during the form drill of yourself suspended from the very top of your head by a giant string (as if you were a puppet). The effect is to lift you upright – head in line with shoulders and hips and everything lined up with each foot as it assumes the body’s weight. A good puppet image also helps you to stay light on your feet.

The first effect of being a good puppet is to have your body line up without any tension – you’re in balance. Walk around with the image of the puppet on the string until you feel relaxed in this upright position. Then start running slowly. On your days for form work, you may then accelerate for 50 -150 meters, running as a lightly balanced puppet. Not only does the posture correct itself, but your chest is forward as are your hips, allowing for a quick touch-off with the feet. You may have to make little adjustments, but when you’re lined up in a relaxed mode, running will be easier and you’ll fell less effort in the legs.