A high percentage of busy people find that the best time to exercise is before work. Here is the rehearsal that has been effective in getting out the door to the workout – even for those who are “non-morning persons”.

  1. The night before: lay out the clothes you will need, near the coffee pot.
  2. Mantra before bed: “Feet on the floor, alarm off, to the coffee pot”. Say this over and over as you fall asleep.
  3. When the alarm goes off, without thinking put your feet on the floor, turn the alarm off and head to the coffee pot.
  4. While putting on one piece of clothing at a time, sip the coffee without any thought of exercise.
  5. Caffeine helps to “wake up” the central nervous system making early morning exercise a better experience.
  6. With coffee cup in hand, walk to the door (or exercise room), and step outside for a weather check (or check the availability of the exercise equipment).
  7. If outside, walk to the end of the block. As above, once you have walked 100 steps, you are almost certain to continue outside.
  8. Once on the treadmill, etc., you will tend to get in your workout.

The principle here is “A body on the bed wants to stay on the bed. But once a body is in motion, it wants to stay in motion. 

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