In my lifetime, I have helped more than 150,000 people learn to enjoy exercise and improve their quality of life. It has become clear to me that almost anyone can become an active walker without aches and pains. All you need to start this process is the desire to feel better, and the willingness to spend 3 half-hours a week gently moving your feet and legs. As you embrace the process of improvement, you will enjoy the glow of self-confidence and accomplishment.  You are becoming a physical athlete.

When you cover a certain amount of distance on foot, you receive a unique sense of satisfaction which brings us back to our roots. According to the experts, primitive human ancestors defined and nurtured uniquely human traits during constant migrations. So I imagine that the “good tiredness” of the last mile of our walk makes one feel about the same as our ancestors more than one million years ago. This is the same process experienced by the athletes as they train to become the best they can be.

Walking regularly makes you feel better, inserting energy into your life. It’s convenient-you can walk from almost anywhere, on any day of the week. While you may need to alternate walk days and rest during the first few weeks, in a year most walkers can enjoy a walk every day. Some will want to try some short running segments. 

The JG Half is back in December! Join us in Atlanta December 18 & 19 for the Galloway Homecoming.