Among those who go through the Galloway Marathon Training Program, more than 98% complete a marathon. I’m very proud of them, but can’t, however take credit for this rate of success. It’s the result of the fun and the bonding that occurs in each pace group as individuals become a team. In a group, individuals who have trouble getting motivated get on track. Competitors who tend to get injured from pushing themselves too hard stay back with the group and stay healthy.

  • As a team, you can share the challenges, the laughs, the struggles, and the exhilaration.
  • No one needs to go through a tough day without being bolstered by the others.
  • As you give support, you’ll receive much more in return.
  • Every year, in just about every pace group, lifelong friendships are formed.
  • Individuals training alone usually reach a plateau of fatigue, injury, lack of motivation, or complications in other areas of life and drop out of the program.

The Power of the Group: You may not be able to find a group, but marathon training will be more fun if you do.

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