This massage tool can help the muscles recover quicker. It will often speed up the recovery of muscle injuries or Ilio-Tibial Band injuries (on the outside of the upper leg, between knee and hip). This type of device can warm up the leg muscles and reduce the aggravation of sore muscles and tendons. By promoting blood flow during and after a massage, muscle recovery time is reduced.

To use “the stick” on the calf muscle (most important in running), start each stroke at the Achilles tendon and roll up the leg toward the knee. Gently roll back to the origin and continue, repeatedly. For the first 5 minutes a gentle rolling motion will bring additional blood flow to the area. As you gradually increase the pressure on the calf during the “up” stroke, you’ll usually find some knots or sore places in the muscles. Concentrate on these as you roll over them again and again, gradually breaking up the tightness. See for more info on this.

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