One of my favorite roles is helping runners solve problems. Almost every day I hear from at least one person who has experienced a rebirth of their running joy due to the Run-Walk-Run method. But I also work with runners who get stuck in a rut. Most commonly, a simple reduction in the running segment leaves the legs feeling stronger, recovering faster, while running faster in races. With more endorphins during a run, life is good – and running is better.

Kathy signed on as an e-coach client on my website with a best marathon time of 5:15. She was using a Run-Walk-Run ratio of 3 minutes run/1 minute walk and was cramping during the last 5-6 miles. I asked her to try 1/1 (run a minute/walk a minute) and she improved about 13 minutes. Because she still had some cramping issues I suggested 30/30 and she continued to improve down to 4:38.

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