Guest Blogger: Chris Twiggs Galloway Training Director, International Program Director, Galloway Training Programs

This is a question we get often, and it’s usually the result of trying to make things more complicated than they need to be. The easy answer in the above scenario is that the recommended long run pace is 15:00 per mile, run and walk combined. The temptation is to look at one’s gps watch and try to home in on a specific pace while running, then do the same while walking. 

Avoid this temptation.

Constantly looking at the watch while running keeps you from seeing the wonderful things you are running past, not to mention that hole you almost stepped in. Run by feel, and let your timer alert you when it’s time to run or walk. At the mile mark, if you see the time you want (15:00 in this example) keep on trucking. If you were a little fast or slow, adjust for the next mile, and so on throughout the run. 

Keep in mind long run pace is AT LEAST 2:00 per mile slower than predicted race pace. That AT LEAST means it’s okay to go even slower than that. Elite marathoners routinely run their long ones 3:00 or more slower than race pace because they know that the point of the long runs is to gain endurance. Save the speed for a different workout.


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