This drill is a form of speed play, or fartlek. By doing it regularly, you develop a range of speeds with the muscle conditioning to move smoothly from one to the nest. The greatest benefit comes as you learn how to “glide”, or coast off your momentum. To be done on a non-long run day, after a warm up with at least a half mile of easy running. Run 4-8 of them once a week. Never run all-out and no sprinting.

Gliding – The most important concept. This is like coasting off the momentum of a downhill run. You can do some of your gliders running down a hill if you want, but it is important to do at least two of them on the flat land.

Here is how it is done:

  • Start by jogging very slowly for about 15 steps. (15 is a general guideline to get into a flow with this drill, it doesn’t need to be exact).
  • Then, jog faster for about 15 steps – increasing to a regular running pace of you.
  • Now, over the next 15 steps, gradually increase the speed to your current race pace.
  • Ok, it’s time to glide, or coast. Allow yourself to gradually slow down to a jog using momentum as long as you can. At first you may only glide for 4 or 5 steps. As the months go by, you will get up to 20, then 30 and beyond… you’re gliding!

The main object of the drill is to keep moving at a fairly fast pace without using much energy.

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