RIP: Long live the spirit of Don McNelly

My friend Don McNelly gave us 96 years of marathons (744), classical music, wine making, volunteering—with the energy of someone half his age. I told Don’s story in the “Heroes” chapter of my book RUNNING UNTIL YOU’RE 100.

Here is the excerpt from the book:

Don McNelly (85 Years Young in 2006)

  1. 700 + marathons
  2. Weight:210
  3. Height: 6’4”
  4. Started running at age 48
  5. First Marathon 1969 – Boston
  6. Over 400 marathons since turning 70
  7. Completed over 25 marathons each year
  8. Married for over 64 years and counting
  9. “I’ve never been happier in my life”

Those who meet Don find that he does not act his age: “…an enormous amount of energy, clear head, speaks intellectually about all topics and has no signs of hearing, sight or recollection problems”. He started running at 48, and ran his first marathon almost 10 years later in 1969 – the last Boston Marathon that did not require time qualification.

While he runs and walks shorter distances, during marathons (more frequently than every other week) he walks.

He tried to get his father to walk or run, but to no avail. His Dad had to have both hips replaced. Don believes that running too fast, or pushing beyond your limits causes joint problems. “I sure admire strong and determined competitors but I have seen too many have to quit after too few running years,”

He’s run on 5 continents, in 20 countries, all states and Canadian provinces, and is looking forward to moving into the 90+ age group.

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