Six Steps to Qualifying for the Boston Marathon

  1. Visit to find the time you will need to qualify, based upon your age on the day of the next running of the Boston Marathon.
  2. Pick the training schedule in the book “Boston Marathon and How to Qualify” that applies to your goal.
  3. Pick several races that have courses which offer the best chance of qualifying. These races must have “certified” courses. This means that the distance has been determined to be accurate by the governing body of our sport: USA Track and Field
  4. Use the “magic mile,” explained in “Boston Marathon and How to Qualify” or go to: to monitor progress.
  5. Once you have your time, register online at, secure a hotel room ASAP and arrange for your transportation. Congratulations!
  6. If this is your first Boston, I strongly suggest that you not try to run all-out. If you slow down by about a minute per mile from what you could run, you can enjoy the weekend, the crowds, your fellow runners and the wonderful Boston restaurants/taverns afterwards.

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