Benefits of Running with a Group:

  • As a team, you can share the challenges, the laughs, the struggles and the exhilaration.
  • No one needs to go through a tough day without being bolstered by the others.
  • As you give support, you’ll receive much more in return.
  • Every year, in just about every pace group, lifelong friendships are formed.

Group Rules:

  1. Help the group leader by supporting the walk/shuffle break and keeping the pace slow. Also, help with water, refreshments, etc.
  2. Everyone in the group should be able to carry on a conversation, even at the end. If anyone is huffing and pugging at all in the first half, slow the pace down an/or take more frequent breaks.
  3. Take all of the walk/shuffle breaks, early and often. As the long ones get longer, the breaks should be taken more frequently.
  4. If you’re feeling tired (or sense that someone else is struggling), tell the group leader so that te pace can be slowed.
  5. When you are feeling great, slow down and stay with the group – don’t lead them astray!
  6. Each member of the group is responsible for his or her own safety. Never assume that others are looking out for you.
  7. Your health is your responsibility. Get checked out by a doctor who knows about endurance exercise: confer with him or her when needed. Get help before medical problems occur.
  8. Keep it fun. Bring a joke, a juicy story and a controversial issue and share.

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