Question: I ran my first Magic Mile in 10:30 on an sunny, 84 degree day. What temperature related adjustments should I make to my MM time and subsequent training pace?

Answer: While heat certainly plays a role in slowing us down during our runs, we do not recommend adjusting the MM (Magic Mile) calculation based on heat. On an 84-degree day, some people who are used to heat are able to push through and run MM times within seconds of what they would on a 55-degree day. Others are particularly sensitive to the heat and run significantly slower for the mile when the temperature reaches 70. Adjusting one’s effort on a training run is appropriate for a hot day, but trying to figure out how fast you would have run if it hadn’t been that hot could result in a MM calculation that has you training too fast, and that could lead to injury. 

I recommend you use the 10:30 MM for your training calculations for now and look for an opportunity to run a new MM in a week or two, hopefully at a time or place that is cooler.

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