On all marathons, I carry with me this device, which is mounted to my shorts in the small of my back. When someone passes me in the late stages, my left brain explodes with a stream of negative messages, such as “Look how smooth he/she is running, and how ragged you are.” It’s easy to listen and give in to those logical messages which are trying to reduce my effort and slow me down.

But instead of believing the source of lazy and distractive ideas, I attack by throwing the giant band over the head of the individual who had the audacity to pass me. For a while, the lead may grow. During the nest few hundred yards, I fill in a great number of details, such as imagining how the tension on the rubber band is increasing cutting off oxygen supply to the brain of the person I “rubber banded.” The hope develops that he or she will have to slow down.

At some point, I must laugh at myself for believing in such a ridiculous device. But laughing helps to send me into the right side of my brain, and I relax. Limber legs turn over quicker, and I usually catch up with, or pass, the person that passed me.

The giant invisible rubber band worked again!

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