Alcohol in Sport: How Bad Is It for Runners?

Alcohol has a strong link with sport, be it with sponsorship, beer consumption after a hard workout, or teams enmeshed in a culture of heavy drinking. To address what is known—and not known—about the impact of alcohol on athletic performance, members of Professionals...

All About That Pace – Guest Blog by Chris Twiggs Chief Training Officer, Galloway Training Programs

All about that pace – – – Q: What ratio do I need to use to run 10 minutes per mile? A: You’re asking the wrong question. There is a common misunderstanding about Jeff Galloway’s Run-Walk-Run method that a particular ratio will result in a specific...

If you don’t give up… you win!

It was a treasure for me to know the late Dr. George Sheehan as a friend. He was not only a great ambassador of running, but a fierce competitor to the end. Just before he turned 60 years old, George’s marathon times were slowing down, and he made a decision to go...
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