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Olympia, Greece

Announcing the Ultimate Running Camp at Ancient Olympia Greece with Jeff Galloway

12 days, 11 nights  *  June 20 – July 1, 2014
Optional one day 3-Island Cruise, Wednesday July 2, 2014

Jeff Galloway presents his new Ultimate Running Camp at Ancient Olympia Greece! Return to the birthplace of the sport of running with Olympian Jeff Galloway.

You will receive motivational coaching from Jeff with the back-drop of Ancient Olympia, the home of the first Olympic Games in 776 B.C. You will enjoy rich ancient history, Greek food and Greek culture with the Greek hospitality. We will run in the Classical Stadium and in the footsteps of ancient heroes, warriors, legends, philosophers. Jeff’s clinics will cover staying injury-free, nutrition, maximizing endurance and improvement without being exhausted, smooth running form, mental training for motivation and much more. Barbara Galloway will offer her expertise in women’s issues, nutrition and other areas. Improve your running and make new friends in a fun, relaxed environment!


  • Expert guided tours to other sites that connect you with the mind-body-spirit approach to health and life which originated in ancient Greece.
  • We will visit the Museum in Olympia which contains the largest collection of ancient artifacts. We will see the best preserved statues of Hermes, the helmet of Miltiades (the Greek general that led the Athenian warriors in the Battle of Marathon) and many life-size statues from the Temple of Zeus. (These were considered part of the seven wonders of the ancient world.)
  • In Athens we will run around the Acropolis and visit the Parthenon. There will be a city tour of Athens and shopping.
  • We will see the location where the Olympic Flame is lit.
  • When visiting the town of Marathon, we will see the ancient battlefield and visit the earth mound tomb of the fallen Athenians from the Battle of Marathon, 490 B.C.
  • You can look forward to a short run with Jeff at the starting point of the Athens Marathon, the Original Marathon Course.
  • We will visit wineries, the Ionian beach, Greek culture sites and more.
  • We will also visit several small coastal towns which have their own ancient history and much more.
  • Get more information!
  • See the itinerary!

Apostolos Greek Tours Inc. will be hosting and organizing this event. For twenty years, they have been providing fun and hassle  free packages  for runners to participate in the Athens Classic Marathon. According to Jeff Galloway “Runners tell me they have not found another tour company that offers personal support, informative tours, and fun activities that create lasting friendships”.

Magic Mile Testimonials
When I joined the Galloway Training Program the magic mile determined the correct group to train with. At age 54 I completed the Atlanta Marathon at my predicted goal pace of 4:58:38.
Michael, Atlanta
Magic Mile Testimonials
My 6:34 magic mile time predicts my 10k (46:34) and 13.1 (1:42:54) PRs exactly. It provides realistic goals, provided you do the training.
Frank, North Carolina