Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Live Virtual Training Club - Powered by Charge Running

Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Live Virtual Training Club – Powered by Charge Running


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Galloway Live Virtual Training

Galloway Live Virtual Training Club powered by Charge Running

  • Training begin in September  
  • Join us live on Charge Running for Magic Miles, long runs, and weekly maintenance runs!
  • Be ready for the in-person or virtual Jeff Galloway Half Marathon in December 
  • Exclusive event during the JG Half Marathon Weekend!
  • Perfect for those who don’t have a Galloway Training Program in their city.
  • Join long runs, Magic Miles, and weekly maintenance runs live or on demand.
  • NEW! All participants will get a copy of Jeff’s e-book “Galloway Training Programs”
  • NEW! Each participant will get a bi-weekly check-in email from the coaching team to make sure you’re on track
  • Bi-weekly check-in emails from the coaching team
  • Online chats with Galloway Chief Training Officer, Chris Twiggs, Charge coaches, and Jeff
  • Access to the private Facebook Page
  • A $450+ value for only $199

Train for the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon – from wherever you are, live with a group! 


Join hundreds of Galloway Runners around the world as you train together! Powered by the Charge Running platform, this unique training group allows you to join live training run/walk/runs with Galloway-trained coaches.

You’ll be ready for the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon (or another half) in December. With your training club membership, you’ll get a discount off the entry price!

Charge Running provides you with a LIVE remote trainer to help you run smarter, faster, and give you that extra push! The Certified Coach tracks your metrics in real time, and leads you through effort based running classes. Just grab your mobile device and a pair of headphones, and you’re ready to go!

Olympian Jeff Galloway’s training programs have allowed millions of runners to train for races of all distances – without the typical aches and pains! Just 3 runs a week will allow you to accomplish your goals.

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What you get:

  • Proven 16 week training plan designed by Olympian Jeff Galloway ($100 Value)
  • With bi-weekly check-in emails with Chief Running Officer Chris Twiggs! ($200 Value) 
  • 4 month Charge Running membership – allowing you to access both the scheduled training runs as well as other workouts and races on the platform! ($120 Value)
  • Access to a private Facebook Group with access to talk to the Charge and Galloway coaches
  • Galloway-branded multifunctional face/head wrap ($30 value)
  • Jeff’s e-book “Galloway Training Programs” ($20 Value)
  • 3+ virtual runs a week, available live or on-demand, on the Charge Running platform
  • Including speed workouts to get faster!
  • Exclusive discounts at Jeff Galloway’s Phidippides running store (with free virtual shoe consultations)
  • Online chats with Galloway Chief Training Officer, Chris Twiggs, Charge coaches, and Jeff
  • Exclusive event during the 2021 Jeff Galloway Half Marathon Weekend
  • A 10% discount on the Jeff Galloway Half Marathon
  • A $450+ value for only $199
  • None of the normal aches and pains that usually come with half marathon training

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