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All of the joy of running without any pain – ElliptiGO Crosstraining

By Olympian Jeff Galloway


Even the most dedicated (sometimes called “addicted”) runner like myself has days when one needs a break from the pounding, the same running route, or from the buildup of stress on the weak link areas where most injuries occur. When my runners feel the first warning signs of stress buildup I ask them to take a day off from running and almost always the body heals itself.

To avoid the running withdrawal symptoms a number of cross training exercises have emerged and I’ve tried most of them. Over the past year, I’ve discovered an innovative vehicle that engages mind and body during the workout and delivers performance benefits similar to running, without the pounding. It’s called the ElliptiGO. The best part is that it’s FUN!

I’ve also heard from many runners who would like to run every day, but become injured when they don’t have days off. ElliptiGO takes away the injury producing stress buildup and yet gives the sensation of a “good workout”. Here are other benefits available from ElliptiGO training:

  • A short ElliptiGO session can be a great warmup for a run. I don’t have to go through the 10-15 minute warm up when the muscles, joints, feet, and blood supply are not ready for the pace that I really want to run. On the ElliptiGO I feel great from the first minute.
  • On non-running days you can improve fitness by doing an ElliptiGO workout, without pounding! Over the next few months I will offer a number of workouts, which will add variety to your training while helping you improve, if you wish.
  • Most of my runners who have running injuries can use the ElliptiGO to maintain running performance while the injury heals. See the section on this topic below.
  • ElliptiGO training strengthens the crucial hip area, which allows for more efficient running form.
  • On hot days, you can get a great ElliptiGO workout without overheating.

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Magic Mile Testimonials
When I joined the Galloway Training Program the magic mile determined the correct group to train with. At age 54 I completed the Atlanta Marathon at my predicted goal pace of 4:58:38.
Michael, Atlanta
Magic Mile Testimonials
My 6:34 magic mile time predicts my 10k (46:34) and 13.1 (1:42:54) PRs exactly. It provides realistic goals, provided you do the training.
Frank, North Carolina