This week we explore Distraction Mantras and Vision Mantras.

Distraction Mantras start by preoccupying your left brain so that it won’t send you so many negative messages. After saying these over many times you may be able to shift into the right brain.

  • Look at that store, car building, sign, etc.
  • Look at that person, hair, outfit, hat, T-shirt design, etc.
  • One more step, one more step
  • One more block, telephone pole, stop light, etc.
  • Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps

Vision Mantras help you feel that you’re getting where you want to be.

  • I can see the next mile marker
  • I can fell the pull of the finish line
  • I can feel being pulled along by the runners ahead
  • I can feel myself getting stronger
  • I’m pushing through the wall
  • I’m moving a the right pace to finish with strength

Next week: Funny Mantras and Creative Mantras– stay tuned

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