I met Steve Prefontaine just before the start of the Pan American Games Trials in Eugene Oregon, in 1971.  He heard me say that I wanted to take a "warmup run" around campus and volunteered to lead.  That's exactly what happened.  Despite my directive for a very easy run, the pace picked up as he talked about the upcoming races. I finally had to say that this was too fast for me and I needed to slow down.  He did, and we became instant friends. Over the next few years, Pre confided to me after some of the clinics we did together that he really enjoyed talking to groups of kids, prisoners, business groups–about the many benefits of running.  He was moving toward a career in this area with Nike.  Just before his accident in 1975, Steve was so proud to have just been given the position of National Director of Public Affairs.  He would have done a brilliant job.
A few years ago, after a clinic, a young man came up to me after a clinic in Portland OR and asked about starting a Galloway training program.  As I asked him about his background, I sensed some familiar behavior traits but didn't immediately make the connection.  This was Michael Fleming, Steve Prefontaine's nephew.  We stayed in touch.  I enjoyed "catching up" with him at other clinics.
Yesterday, I met with our Galloway training group in Beaverton OR led by Mike.  Watching him interact with the participants brought back some great memories.  His passion for helping them inject fitness into their lives, with encouragement, reminded me of another young man from Oregon during the early 1970s.  Mike is living a dream in the best way.

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