Jeff Galloway and his Jeff Galloway Productions staff are headquartered in Atlanta, GA USA.

Kelsey Douglas – 404-996-1485 or 800-200-2771 x306 Email

Brennan Galloway – Email

Susan Kolbinsky – 404-255-1033 or 800-200-2771, ext 4 (Retreats, E-coaching) Email

Michele Langevin –  404-255-1033 or 800-200-2771, ext 2 Email

Brian Rener – 586-557-6300 (speaking engagements) Email

Kelley Tenney – (social media) Email

Chris Twiggs – 404-255-1033 or 800-200-2771, ext 308 (Customized Training Programs) Email


Jeff Galloway 13.1 –  Email , 404-996-1485, 800-200-2771 x306

Kaiser Permanante Corporate Run Walk & Roll, Email404-843-8727

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ANNOUNCING the new Galloway Run-Walk-Run training app! With coaching, motivation, nutrition, a FREE run-walk-run timer, and more!