Mental Training

Primary causes of low motivation

  • Time goals are the primary reward from running
  • Goals are realistic at present
  • Not enough rest between stress workouts
  • Running too hard most running days
  • Not enough “joy runs” each week
  • Not enough walk breaks in long runs and sometimes other runs
  • Running with a group that is too fast for you
  • Feeling sorry for yourself because you have no support
  • No consistent plan
  • The training plan used is too stressful for you

Ways to jump-start your motivation

  • Eat a blood sugar boosting snack if needed.
  • Drink a cup of coffee, if you drink coffee and have no problems doing so.
  • Start walking
  • Smile
  • Believe that you will feel better, and that you are doing something positive for yourself.
  • Lower the adversity of the workout/race.
  • Mantras – Talk to yourself. Create your own! “I feel good.” “I know I can do this.” “My attitude is changing.”

You are the “Captain” of your running ship

You are the one who determines how much you run and how much you walk. One of the wonderful aspects of running is that there is no definition of a “runner” that you must live up to. There are also no rules that you must follow as you do your daily run. You are the captain of your running ship, and it is you who determines how far, how fast, how much you will run, walk, etc. While you will hear many opinions on this, running has always been a freestyle type of activity in which each individual is empowered to mix and match the many variables and come out with the running experience that he or she chooses. Walk breaks can keep the first-time runner away from injury and burnout, and can help veterans improve their time.

Run with the legend

Run, walk, hike and move back to 490 BCE when the founder of our sport, Phidippides, changed the course of history with this run!

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