Many runners assume that any frozen item can be used in an ice treatment, even frozen bags of peas. In my experience, these forms of ice treatment do no good at all. When ice is rubbed directly on the skin, as noted below, it is a very powerful treatment or aches, pains and injuries that are just below the skin. Deeper damage does not usually respond to the ice treatment.

  • Put a styrofoam cup full of water in your freezer. Keep at least one there, as “insurance”.
  • At the first sign of an ache or pain in the area close to the skin, peel the styrofoam off the top, and rub.
  • For 15 minutes, rub constantly on the limited area until it gets numb.
  • Do this every night – even for a week after all the pain goes away.
  • It is the direct contact of Ice, and the constant massage rub that seems to do the job.

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