Before and during your race: The little things which speed recovery: 

·     Start Conservatively. Time goal runners should start the race 10 to 20 seconds slower than you could run on that day for at least the first 15 to 20 percent of the race (3 to 6 miles in a marathon, then 2 to 3 for the half). First-timers should go one to two minutes per mile slower than the fast race pace predicted by the “magic mile.”  At best, during the second half, you can choose to speed up or to finish within your capacity for a faster recovery. Even if it happens to be a hot, humid, bad day, you won’t slow down as much at the end if you’ve started conservatively.

·      Avoid alcohol and salt and limit caffeine during the 36 hours before the big day.

·     Take every walk/shuffle break, from the beginning, and pace yourself conservatively accounting for heat, humidity, hills and other factors.

·     Don’t over stride at any time. Without knowing it, many exercisers are so exuberant in the beginning that they lengthen their stride too far, overextending the muscles. More damage occurs from over striding at the end of long workout sessions and races-especially half or full marathons. Try very hard to rein in your stride as you go downhill. Studies continue to show that you’ll go faster and recover faster when you keep your feet low to the ground, have a short stride and stay light on your feet.

·      Have an energy gel, pieces of energy bars, etc. all the way to the end, during the second half of a workout that will last 90 minutes or more. Most exercisers should start taking these “boosters” after 60 to 80 minutes on all long workouts to find the frequency and quantity of product which you need during the long events. Be sure to drink water when you take these products.


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