One of my favorite roles is helping runners solve problems. Almost every day I hear from at least one person who has experienced a rebirth of their running joy due to the Run-Walk-Run method. But I also work with runners who get stuck in a rut. Most commonly, a simple reduction to the running segment leaves the legs feeling stronger, recovering faster while running faster in races. With more endorphins during a run life is good – and running is better.

Rules of Adjustment:

  1. Never hesitate to drop back to more walking/less running.
  2. Take a longer break if a challenge is approaching (hill, heat, pain).
  3. At the beginning of a workout or race, if things aren’t going well, ease back and walk more. Often the body will rebound with strength later.
  4. Near the end of a workout, if you are exhausted (and not injured or sick) walk the rest of the distance.
  5. If things are not going well in a race, revert to the training pace with the Run-Walk-Run used on long runs and you can race again in 3-4 weeks.

Learn more about the Run-Walk-Run method in Jeff’s book The Run-Walk-Run Method.  You will find the book at:





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