Question: How fast should I run during my long runs?

Answer: I recommend pacing all of the long runs, at least two minutes per mile slower than predicted by the magic mile, adjusted for heat. I’ve not found any pace that is too slow. You’ll receive the endurance based upon the distance of the current long run. In other words a long run at 20 minutes per mile for 15 miles gives the same endurance as a 15 mile run at 10 minutes per mile or at 5 minutes per mile.

Take the magic mile time, multiply by 1.3 and add two minutes. Finally, slow down according to a temperature increase, as noted below. It is better to slow down even further. Even a pace that is 4-5 minutes per mile slower than goal pace has produced the endurance as a faster paced training run.


Slow the long run pace as the temperature increases as follows: 30 seconds a mile slower for every 5℉ temperature increase above 60℉.


10:00 on the magic mile X 1.3 = 13 min per mile (really hard marathon pace) plus 2 min = 15 min/mi long run training pace

At 70 ℉: 16 min/mi

At 80 ℉: 17 min/mi

Note: There is a pace calculator, based upon the magic mile, on our website: Jeff Galloway | The official site of Run-Walk-Run

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