The average age of the runner/walker has increased to 40+. The unequaled positive attitude boost, significant stress release and overall increase in vitality, focus and creativity are all reasons why people are starting to and continuing to run/walk.

Part of the fulfillment must come from getting back to our roots. Our ancient ancestors walked and ran for thousands of miles each year to survive. In the process, they developed and passed on to us a treasury of physical and mental rewards, which we renew with each workout. The challenge of a significant physical journey on foot unleashes some primitive connections to our identity as human beings.

If you are reading this, you are saying (or starting to say) that you want to take responsibility for your health and attitude. On the long list of benefits from exercising, those two are at the top.

To choose a goal such as a 5K, Half Marathon, Marathon or beyond, and finish will leave you feeling like a champion. Your life will be changed for the better. You can do it!

If you are looking for a goal you can join us in Atlanta for the 2017 Jeff Galloway Race Weekend! To register or find out more information on the JG 13.1, The Double G, Barb’s 5K, Fit Kids Run and other weekend events go to:


Jeff Galloway Resources: Visit the E-Shop where you will find “Jeff Galloway: Training Programs” and other books for your running library. You will also find training tips, training groups, running retreats and more. 

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