In the major marathons, millions are raised for charities and other non-profit organizations. Most of the funds are generated by structured programs that require runners to raise $3000-$4000 in order to earn a trip to that marathon. If the funds are not raised by a certain date, the remaining amount is charged to the runner’s credit card. The Breast Cancer Marathon, in Jacksonville, Florida has come up with a less stressful way to raise significant funds.

The Marathon To Fight Breast Cancer (26.2 with Donna) doesn’t require any fundraising as such, but will raise between $1 million and $2 million by my prediction. Because sponsors were supportive, 100% of the entry fee is donated to breast cancer research at Mayo Clinic and care for the underserved. I’ve never seen a large event donate every cent of the entry fee. Raceday is February 17th, 2008.

News anchor Donna Hicken has fought off breast cancer twice and returned to marathoning. She is in her third battle currently, but totally focused on the elimination of this disease for our sisters, wives, daughters and grandaughters. Men will also benefit because this cancer is not gender specific, and males die every year. Research is THE way to rid society of cancers of all types, and cutbacks in governmental funding for this will continue.

Many runners are entering the event as a contribution to the cause, knowing that they cannot travel to Jacksonville, FL for the event this month. On February 17, they will be running in their hometown, or the city of their friend or relative in support or memory.

I just returned from meetings in Jacksonville and am very impressed with the organization by the Special Events Staff of the City of Jacksonville. Expect a beautiful course along the beach, fun events during the weekend and many different music groups along the course. I’ll be there all weekend at the expo—so come by and say "hi". When you are running on Feb 17, think of us.

Seldom do we have a chance to enjoy our running and make a difference in the health future for our families. Thanks to the thousands who will be doing this.

Jeff Galloway
US Olympian

Join us at the Breast Cancer Marathon (2-17-08)

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