It’s a fact that some runners and walkers who listen to music are killed and injured every year because they don’t hear the warning signs from traffic, etc.   I’m not against “workout music”  but I want every exerciser to be safe—and here’s how.

Facing Traffic  When you walk or run alongside a road you want to be able to see the threats in front of you.  Be aware of every car ahead and have a plan to avoid a vehicle should it get out of control.

New Technology Allows You To Listen to music while monitoring sounds that could indicate threats.  I use a device made by Oladance, which comfortably rests over the ears and delivers outstanding sound.  But it does not block the warning noise that could indicate a threat.

Volume—Use Common Sense.  I’m a fan of Bob Dylan and like to increase the sound on some of my favorite songs.  With a conventional earbud I’m sure I couldn’t hear a car on the sidewalk behind me, crashing through a sign.  Even with higher volume levels, the type of technology used by Oladance can keep you aware—unless you’re singing too loud to yourself and in another world.

Enjoy every run!

Jeff Galloway

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