Why did Wendy and Ross travel from Australia to Atlanta this past weekend?

It wasn’t the high percentage of personal records, the beauty of springtime in scenic Piedmont Park, nor the historic sites on the course connected to President Jimmy Carter, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Margaret Mitchell, etc.  They left their home in Melbourne, Australia, because of the friendly reception from other Galloway folks on social networks and email friendships—and they were glowing all weekend.

Thousands of runners have made the journey on our race weekend because the Galloway run walk run method allowed them to change their lives in many positive ways.  Many had tried and failed with non-stop running and were amazed at the benefits of RWR.

There’s a different atmosphere during the Jeff/Barb weekend, including free events for the kids. The sense of togetherness and support erupts regularly in smiles, laughter, and new friendships.  Be sure to claim your entry for next year’s fun (www.jeffgalloway131.com).

Enhancing this experience in 2023 was our new sponsor Oladance.  We had a great response to these headphones at our packet pick up and VIP parties. Many of the comments were about how comfortable they were and how you did not feel like you were wearing anything at all! 

This headphones provide amazing sound quality while being extremely comfortable. They also have an open ear design which allows people to listen to their music, podcasts etc. while hearing race announcements, being able to chat with fellow runners, and being aware of their surroundings for saftey.

Jeff Galloway Productions is proud to introduce Oladance to the runners and walkers of the US and the world.  Our mission is to help people improve their life through exercise.  Oladance wants to use technology to help human beings supersede the limits of their senses so that everyone can enjoy a natural and healthy lifestyle. Together we hope you can enjoy exercise and, therefore, your life to its fullest! 

You can get the best price offered on Oladance Headphones by going to www.Oladance.com/JEFF and using the code JEFF at checkout. 

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