I know, you aren’t competitive. You have no need to race. That’s fine.  But the neighborhood road races that you see all over the country are primarily for motivation.  The participants in the average road race are folks like yourself who are trying hard to stay motivated.  Enrolling in a race is a commitment to yourself to do the training each week to prepare.

Most runners/walkers who arrive at their first race are surprised to see that most of the participants are average looking people. Sure, there are always a few lean folks on the front line are going for the trophy. Everyone else is there to share the excitement of the event. And to celebrate the moment of finishing.

Races are fun.  If the energy could be put in a container and used in your car, you wouldn’t have to buy gasoline for your car for weeks.  Once you have attended a race, you will want to go back.  This is one place where almost everyone is in a good mood.


The JG Half is back in December! Join us in Atlanta December 18 & 19 for the Galloway Homecoming.