For 36 years I've looked forward to July because that means going to our running retreat in Squaw Valley, CA with wonderful trails runs and hikes. But the best part is the people. Half are old friends, and the others become new friends. This is a peak experience for runners. First, the weather is amazing. Usual high temperatures are in the 70's with 10-15% humidity. The scenery is beautiful with perpetual blue sky (two rainy days in 20 years). The various trails give us vistas of the lake, the beautiful Truckee River, the Ponderosa Pine forests, snow capped mountains ringing the lake and more. Trails are everywhere because 95% of the land is owned by the federal and state governments and is open for use.

This is a positive, fun, energizing experience. Running problems are solved, injuries treated, training programs set up, and the joy of running restored. Lifelong friendships are forged. Several of my long term friends support me with clinics each year: Dr. David Hannaford (Running Injuries: Treatment and Prevention) who solves problems that many doctors miss. Joe Henderson, who has been like a brother to me, came with his family. Sister Marion Irvine, who ran the Olympic trials at the age of 48 has some of the best inspirational stories and jokes. Physiologist Gary Moran helps with strength training and many other areas. Barbara Galloway helps answer women's running issues and dietary changes with menus, etc.

It's the best week I spend all year. I cannot wait for next July.

Jeff the camp counselor