My comeback after the hip fracture
continues:  On August 19 I ran my second marathon after my return from the
hip fracture I suffered in March and April.  My "return to
marathoning" occurred in Missoula, last month.  This month I ran the
Big Wild Life Run Marathon in Anchorage and ran over an hour faster than in
Missoula.  I used a strategy of (run 20 seconds/walk 20 seconds) for the
first half and (run 15 seconds/walk 10 seconds) for the second half.

The BWLR is a hidden gem: Well
organized, not crowded, easy walk to start/finish from hotels, friendly people,
beautiful course, possibility of wildlife sightings and temperatures that are
usually in the 50's. This is a special experience with opportunities to visit
some unique Alaska sites and national parks.