•  An inner-brain conflict will occur every time you put yourself to the challenge.
  • The left side has a million logical reasons why you can’t do something.
  • The right side won’t try to argue, it will just try to get the job done using its unlimited supply of creative, spontaneous and imaginative ways of steering you in the direction of that which you are capable.
  • In most cases, it’s easy to get out of left brain control by relaxing, taking the pressure off yourself, and engaging in a right brain activity, such as laughing, story-telling, or low-level physical activity (walking, for example).

Okay, now, how about some positive thoughts about the marathon?

“Knowing it’s over”

“Having my psychiatrist tell me that I’m okay-even if I want to do a marathon”

“The satisfaction of finishing with the medal around my neck”

On the first two, your left brain is still in control. Now the medal…the medal around the neck…That’s the bottom line! Let’s start there-you’re wearing your medal! Sure, there are aches and pains, but overpowering it all is the feeling of accomplishment and personal satisfaction. This is a significant achievement which you did with your own resources. You had to pull from the various sources of your inner strengths and you did. No one can ever take this achievement away. 

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