Almost always, pain in this area indicates a minor irritation called “shin splints” that allows running and walking as you heal. The greatest pain or irritation during injury is usually felt during the start of a run or walk, which gradually lessons or goes away as you run and walk. It takes a while to fully heal, so you must have patience as you stay below the threshold of further irritation.

  • Inside pain – posterior shin splints. Irritation of the inside of the leg, coming up from the ankle is called “posterior tibial shin splints” and is often due to over-pronation of the foot (foot rolls in at push-off)
  • Front of shin – anterior shin splints. When the pain is in the muscle on the front of the lower leg, it is “anterior tibial shin splints”. This is very often due to having too long a stride when running and especially when walking. Downhill terrain should be avoided as possible during the healing.
  • Stress fracture – If the pain is in a very specific place and increases as you run, it could be a more serious problem: a stress fracture. This is unusual for beginning runners, but characteristic of those who do too much, too soon. It can also indicate low bone density. If you even suspect a stress fracture, do not run or do anything stressful on the leg and see a doctor. Stress fractures take weeks of no running, usually wearing a cast. They may also indicate a calcium deficiency.

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