Even the most dedicated runner has days when the gravity that pulls one back to the bed or couch is much stronger than usual. Anyone can become successful at starting a walk or run by setting up a process similar to getting a model train moving when it is just short of the top of a hill. A few extra pushes or pulls to get the momentum started and you’re moving down the road with the same momentum. Those who are successful in getting regularly out the door spend a little time at the beginning to set up a process with a reward system. After going through the series of steps that gets you going, over and over again, one step will lead automatically to the next one.



You’re driving home after a terrible work day, hungry, and your left brain has a dozen reasons why you shouldn’t run. 


  1. Lie to the left brain, saying, “I’m not going to run today. I’ll take it easy around the house in some comfortable clothes.”
  2. You arrive home and immediately put on running shoes and clothes telling yourself, “I’m not going to run today, just going to be comfortable around here.”
  3. Eat an energy bar or other energy snack and drink your beverage of choice (hint: caffeine helps if you’re okay with it).
  4. Put on some inspirational music and read some running affirmations (found in Jeff Galloway’s Marathon).
  5. Stick your head out the door to see what the weather is doing and then just step outside.
  6. Walk to the edge of the block to see what the neighbors are doing.
  7. Cross the street and you’re on your way.

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